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Service cloud Einstein to integrate with Amazon Connect

Nidhi Thakkar Apr 17, 2017

AWS Salesforce Salesforce Einstein

Previously, enterprises were highly dependent on paper documentations. Later a huge computer revolution encountered, which toppled the traditional paradigm followed by cloud and mobile. However, over the years Salesforce has proven that success comes through continuous efforts. They have utilized these revolutionary innovations to build tools using App Cloud, Concierge, Lightening and much more.

Speaking of innovations, Salesforce is brainstorming on how to make their customers life trouble-free. One of the best examples is Einstein, built using embedded artificial intelligence platform, aiming to make Salesforce a smartest CRM of the world.

Recently, Salesforce announced their collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS). It is looking forward to integrate Service Cloud Einstein with Amazon Connect, a new cloud-based contact service center. This announcement is a global strategic alliance between AWS and Salesforce favoring innovation and augmenting the process of how customers collect, analyze and utilize the data, built using five service integrations.

The integration of Amazon connect with Service Cloud Einstein will enable enterprises to construct and manage their customer contact center in a very short span of time. Once the set-up is complete, enterprises can connect their centers to service case histories and CRM data across sales, marketing and other functions.

With this integration, Salesforce intends to make all the service employees smarter. Furthermore, with this collaboration employees can have direct access to the insights that are essential to resolve any particular type of query or issue hence, by delivering a brilliant customer experience.

In summary of the global alliance, the integrations developed by AWS and Salesforce will connect the Salesforce platform with Amazon AppStream 2.0, AWS IoT, Amazon Redshift, Alexa and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud. Other Salesforce services that would run on AWS infrastructure include Heroku, Marketing Cloud Social Studio, Salesforce IQ and the Salesforce IoT cloud.

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