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Salesforce presents AI-powered Einstein analytics platform for business users

Nidhi Thakkar Jun 28, 2017

Salesforce Einstein Salesforce Artifiical Intelligence


Einstein Analytics is an extension to Salesforce CRM system. It is an artificial intelligence platform encompassing set of predictive tools essential for sales and marketing professionals to draw actionable insights.

Why Salesforce launched Einstein Analytics app?

Salesforce introduced theappto enhance existing CRM capabilities. By leveraging AI,generated insights will empower sales and marketing reps to not only advance customer service but also optimize marketing campaigns.

What Einstein Analytics app can do?

Previously, users would write algorithms on their own to generate effective marketing and sales results. But with the launch of Salesforce Einstein Analytic app, sales reps could simply integrate AI tools to gain insights without having to write algorithms by improving their productivity and approach.

Einstein Analytics arms the users to not only contemplate criticalities of business but also understand the reason associated with it along with the provided solutions. In addition, all of these practices can be executed without involving data science experts.

Other add-ons in Einstein Analytic app

Few apps available in the suite are meant only for specific roles such as sales, marketing and customer service. These apps consists of a key performance indicator to help reps in understanding their performance and productivity,in order to take effective measures to improve it.

Another interesting integrated solution is Einstein Discovery. It is a great tool that provides users with actionable AI important to analyze market trends and how to implement them.

Furthermore, Salesforce has also added 12 new online courses to help users to understand Einstein Analytics. Another app, Salesforce App Exchange app, is weaved in a way to elevate performance of Einstein Analytics.

Salesforce wants to eliminate the need of data science experts with Einstein Analytics and todrive business success.

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