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Salesforce Commerce Cloud Einstein now enhanced with new capabilities

Nidhi Thakkar Jun 01, 2017

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Salesforce Einstein

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Why the new features are added?

Salesforce, a global CRM leader, announced new innovative features for its Commerce Cloud Einstein. These new enhancements were added so that the retailers can leverage Einstein extensibilities to provide personalized and AI-based shopping experiences to their customers.
The new features and how to integrate them?

The previous version of Commerce Cloud Einstein involved features such as product recommendations based on customer buying behavior and also a dashboard representing the shopping cart analysis with commerce insights. But, the latest version of Einstein includes features such as Predictive Sort feature, Order Management, Mobile Site Reference Architecture blueprints and Google Android Pay Integration. Retailers can easily incorporate these features in their system without seeking any support from the Salesforce team.

Brief about the added features

The Commerce Cloud Einstein Predictive Sort feature is developed using machine learning technology. This feature personalizes order of the products displayed on search and category pages of the e-commerce sites. A predictive model is created for each customer where data is accessed from the recent orders and browser history of customers. It further helps the retailers to engage with customers effectively by providing them with seamless shopping experience. The predictive sort feature will be available for retailers from July 2017.

Another feature, Order Management is developed using high-end technology known as intelligent algorithms. This attribute of Einstein aids the retailers in connecting customer requirements with inventory supply. This feature executes irrespective of the customer location and is extremely cost-effective.

The Mobile Site Reference Architecture can enable retailers to measure the traffic on their e-commerce websites. Technically, the Mobile Site Reference Architecture is a blueprint of mobile sites that consists of best practices of developing a mobile site, merchandising, and technical architecture to support retailers in developing mobile-friendly e-commerce sites to attract customers.
Last but not least, the Android Pay integration is also one of the major enhancements in Salesforce Einstein. This feature can be included for the purpose of providing secure mobile payments to customers. In addition, there is a high proximity that Salesforce might integrate other major payments platforms with Einstein.

Salesforce is well-informed about the latest technology trends and hence is working extensively with AI. With Einstein, Salesforce is transforming the e-commerce paradigm and is endlessly looking to attain high levels of productivity for themselves and their customers.

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