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Benefits of Office365 newly added features

Vikram Pendse Jun 13, 2017

Microsoft Office 365 Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Microsoft Graph



Today, there are millions of people using Office365. These users mostly belong to developer group as it offers various benefits to the community. The Office365 ecosystem has everything right from Word, Excel and PowerPoint to Skype for business, Team and Delve.
With all these inclusions, Office365 is now transformed into office productivity software where the tools such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint are majorly used. The Microsoft team recalls Office365 as wide-ranging suite filled with apps and services to scale the workplace productivity.

Overview of the features

Earlier, Office365 suite was typically utilized for developing basic software applications. But now, the new features of Office365 include site and content tools that can be accessed using SharePoint and OneDrive. Furthermore, chat and collaboration with the team can be done with Microsoft Teams and analytics can generated through PowerBI and My Analytics. These features have provided the developers with new opportunities to grow and excel.

Here, let’s have a deep look into Office365 offerings

  • Microsoft Graph in Office365: Most of the Office365 products are developed using technologies such as Microsoft Graph, the company’s graph database. To generate insights, the user can collect data, activity and content of each Office365 workloads. Later, the network effect is created and the user can understand the relationship between these generated data.

    One can also search how the documents related to a particular topic are authorized, emails sent and the conversation are carried with Microsoft graph. The gathered information and intelligence through Microsoft Graph can be further used for developing business applications powered by the generated data.

  • Artificial intelligence in Office365: Office365 features namely PowerPoint Designer used for building professional-looking slide decks and QuickStarter for searching appropriate content slides are developed using Artificial Intelligence. Apart from that, Microsoft is working towards making Office365 more intelligent.

  • Machine learning in Office365: Microsoft introduced My Analytics which is powered by machine learning technology. This device empowers the employees to understand the work customs such as the time spent for a particular meeting or other related activities. With this device, Microsoft intends to help users in understanding how productive they are and how it can be improved.

    In addition, the workplace analytics feature developed by Microsoft is to help the HR and other managers to understand the way their resources and teams are collaborate. This as a result can facilitate them to carve out effective strategies for better collaboration.

With these features, Microsoft has risen above the perception that Office365 can be only used for Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Absolutely, these features are the heart of Office365 suite but using the team and chat features will also help the enterprises to grow and collaborate efficiently.

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