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Tech stories making the rounds - Week 14, 2018

Corporate Apr 06, 2018

Microsoft Office 365 Big Data Enterprise Mobility Enterprise Collaboration Cloud

In-demand Cloud benefits

Embracing the cloud helps businesses in a number of processes. As well as boosting data management processes, going on demand provides a flexible platform for digital change and a means to take advantage of external innovation. This offers huge benefits for your organization.

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Mobility and the channel

There have been significant transformations in enterprise mobility in recent times. The work landscape has shifted and the importance now is on the channel. With this, the channel and IoT are causing huge security headaches to the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) culture at work. Now, companies need to think about all those other connected endpoints, seemingly helpful devices that could expose their organization and work toward securing their enterprise.

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Impact of Big Data on Cancer research

The fruits of big data are not limited to e-commerce. Health sciences too can reap in the benefits, particularly in adopting the data in finding cures for Cancer. Read how Bryce Olson has leveraged big data to help others who might be battling cancer.

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Migrating to Office 365

If you are considering or starting to migrate to Office 365, this article offers 5 ways to ease the migration. You would need to take an inventory, plan well, hire an expert, get your employees on board, and focus steeply on security. For an in depth process planning, read on.

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