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Technology stories you cannot miss – Week 14, 2017

Corporate Apr 07, 2017

Microsoft Office 365 Big Data cloud computing Enterprise mobility management Threat intelligence Advance Data Governance

New fads in cloud computing infrastructure 

A big transformation has been witnessed in the IT infrastructure industry, as IT enterprises are towering the data usage. With rise in data usage, enterprises are seeking additional speed, power and bandwidth to pursue successful business operations. But how this can be achieved? 

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How to secure corporate mobile data with enterprise mobility management?

With the introduction of BYOD, securing your corporate data with mobile device management solely might not be enough. Hence, one will have to opt for enterprise mobility management, a technology introduced to control and manage mobile devices at workplace. 

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Here are the 7 elements of big data culture 

No doubt, the world of big data and analytics is intriguing but it is highly essential to know its key features vital for enterprises. By analyzing these features, enterprises can know how to embrace the big data culture and leverage the benefits offered by it.

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Office 365 and Data Governance security products now made available by Microsoft

On April 4, Microsoft announced the products for Office 365 platform namely Threat Intelligence and Advance Data Governance. These products were launched to make the Office 365 security stronger and powerful. 

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