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Vikram Pendse

Vikram Pendse

Vikram Pendse is currently working as Cloud Solution Architect in e-Zest Solutions Ltd. in (Pune) India. He is responsible for Building cloud strategy for e-Zest customers globally, moving Amazon AWS workloads to Azure, Providing Estimates, Architecture, Supporting RFPs and Sales. He is Microsoft MVP since year 2008 and currently he is Microsoft Azure MVP. He is a very active member in various Microsoft Communities and participates as a Speaker in many events in across the globe.

Recent Posts by Vikram Pendse:

Building scalable and efficient data driven apps using Azure Cosmos DB

Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB (formerly known by Document DB) is Microsoft’s globally distributed multi-model database service. It is purely Platform as a Service offering (meaning– you don’t need to spin up a VM for Cosmos DB). Microsoft started Project “Florence” in the year 2010 released as Document DB service with a vision of document-based database. Azure Storage Table offering is already providing a facility for storing the data in a key-value pair. After embracing open source technologies in Azure, Microsoft also started supporting NoSQL databases like MySQL, Cassandra, Mongo DB and Azure MySQL as well.

Topics: Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB Azure Document DB

Penetration Testing in Microsoft Azure

Penetration Testing in Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure, one of the leading cloud platforms, offers individual customers, startups and large enterprises an easy way to manage and deploy applications and services. It also enables enterprises to scale out, scale up and scale down as per their business requirements. Microsoft Azure helps enterprises to control their CAPEX and OPEX and allows building and deploying long-term and sustainable workloads.
Topics: Azure Cloud Microsoft Azure penetration testing

The complete round-up of SharePoint Server 2019

When SharePoint 2019 was first announced at Ignite last year, Microsoft didn't share many details with its curious followers. All that most of us have known is SharePoint 2019 would come with a subset of Office 365’s features.

All this changed at the recently held SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas North America where Microsoft broadly announced the vision, strategy, timeline, and investment areas for SharePoint Server 2019.
Topics: SharePoint SharePoint 2019 Office 365 Microsoft Office 365

Managing Azure VM-level Backup

Backups are very crucial in any IT related operations. They are your fallback mechanism, just in case things go southwards. In this blog, we will discuss about configuring Azure VM-level backup.

Topics: Azure Microsoft Azure

Azure Site Recovery (in Preview for Azure to Azure)

Azure Site Recovery provides Business Continuity solution by helping us to replicate Azure on-premises workload to Azure. It replicates workload to secondary location either Azure or on-premises. So Azure Site Recovery helps to deploy simple BC DR Solution and options to store data on on-premises or on Azure. It has various feature like encryption while replication data, app consistent replication and very less RPO and RTO to meet your requirements. You can test failover by the feature provided by ASR for DR drill too.

Topics: Azure Microsoft Azure BCDR Business Continuity Disaster Recovery

SharePoint communication sites: Considerations for government organizations

SharePoint communication sites is one of the latest features introduced by Microsoft for Office 365 users. This feature was launched to help the organizations to build user friendly sites by adding dynamic and static content along with interactive images.
Topics: SharePoint communication sites Corporate governance

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