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Technology stories that are worth - Week 41, 2017

Corporate Oct 13, 2017

BI and Big Data Business Collaboration Enterprise Enterprise Mobility Cloud Computing

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The future of cloud 

Application architectures have reached a point where hybrid applications are now possible in a large scale, with a mix and match from best of breed services on different public clouds. In this way, these public cloud services have become more interchangeable, with monolithic applications to microservices, hybrid applications that mix the best components from multiple public clouds are now possible.  


Is Enterprise Mobility the future of work 

Enterprise mobility and the apps are changing the business landscape. As per the new study from Research and Markets, the global enterprise mobility market is forecasted to nearly triple, reaching $317.9 billion by 2022. This growing trend allows employees to work out of the office and use mobile devices and cloud services to perform business tasks.  


Data is the source of all insights 

Demand for data has been surging over the past few years with companies competing hard for lucrative data reserves. Due to a growing demand, good data is becoming a valuable commodity. In order to understand why data is important for your business, you must understand the key reasons why it gives you a competitive advantage. 


Seeing collaboration as competitive advantage 

Enterprise IT professionals tell us the importance of team collaboration, these same IT professionals have ranked the importance of email ahead of telephony and audioconferencing. Clearly, vast supplies of content and data are driving this trend. When an organization soups up real-time communication, it can charge up the teams of all sizes. 


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