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Tech Digest – Week 02, 2014

Corporate Jan 18, 2014

BI and Big Data 2014 - Prediction Cloud ERP 5 cloud tools mobile apps Technology

Uplift your business with 5 cloud tools

Cloud has been the game changer for all businesses even small businesses alike. Cloud technology has proliferated so much that the cost of running your own business in today’s age has come down drastically as compared to what it would have been a decade or two back. So, a few of the best chosen cloud tools can go a long way in helping you increase your team’s efficiency and productivity.

Cloud ERP is now no longer an expensive technology that was once used only by the large corporations. Plans that now cost less than $200 per month; cloud ERP is now easily affordable even to startups.

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Now its Big Content in Limelight after BI and Big Data

After a lot of talk about Big Data and the promises made of analyzing all the relevant information in spite of not knowing the source, actually appears to be a great idea. However it looks like very few big data implementations have moved beyond the Hadoop use cases of ad click analysis, Web analytics and failure prediction. This outcome has a lot to do with the fact that all Big Data has been typically grouped under unstructured data. As a result its potential is highly limited.

With this there comes the very important divisions within the realm of big data space and that is of a clear distinction and separation between unstructured data and unstructured content.

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2018 will see less than 0.1 percent of mobile apps succeeding, predict Gartner

Gartner reveals that, when it comes to discovering mobile applications, consumers are now increasingly turning to social networking, advertising, friends, and recommendation engines rather than having to search, sort through thousands of mobile apps available. The predictions say that through the year 2018, developers will be considering only less than 0.1 percent of the consumer mobile apps as a financial success.

“Our analysis makes it evident that most mobile applications are not generating any profits and that many of these mobile applications are actually used to build brand recognition and product awareness rather than being created to generate any revenue.” commented Ken Dulaney, Vice President and Analyst, Gartner.

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Windows 9 may hit the market in the year 2014 - Prediction

Going straight back to the year 2008, Windows Vista was an absolute failure. Though it is a fact that some of the early problems such as some of the shabby drivers were fixed, most of the basic architectural problems remained unresolved and were beyond patching. Windows needed a new OS then.

Now looking at the new launch in order to lose the stigma of the unlucky 8, it may now so happen that, Threshold will be branded as Windows 9 instead, also to be shipped in early 2015.

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