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Tech Digest – Week 02, 2013

Corporate Jan 11, 2013

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Cloud computing market in 2013

In 2013, the expectations are really high for cloud computing. Many more customers would be addressed by cloud computing this year. All sized businesses have hopes with cloud computing services and technologies which would help them deliver business values along with significant reduction in operating costs. One recent surveys depicts that nearly 50% of all enterprises will set aside budgets for cloud investments in 2013.

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Adding interactive Business Intelligence to your analytics mix

The self-service business intelligence is empowering the business community to analyze data without direct help from IT which starts with an interactive and easy-to -use tool. An IT manager quoted in a survey that a minimal amount of training is required to get the right solution. Another aspect is that, beyond the selection of the right technology, responsibilities have to be taken by IT for making the rich pool of corporate data available to various business users.

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iPhone application development - Keep it simple but innovative to provide maximum utility

The main clear cut reason that makes iPhone a leader in the market among other smart phone brands is certainly its technical encroachment that has proved to be the ultimate in its positioning as the topper in the mobile phone market. The most attractive features of a smart phone are all integrated by iPhone. Programmers are involving with iPhone application development like never before.

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8 Key changes in Microsoft SharePoint 2013

There was a significant overhaul which Microsoft's popular collaboration platform got with SharePoint 2013. There were many changes related to mobile and social, injected by Microsoft in SharePoint 2013. Developers can now publish their apps to SharePoint's public store or to corporate stores built specifically for the user communities they support.

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