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Tech Digest – Week 26, 2013

Corporate Jun 28, 2013

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Complex IT estates preventing cloud adoption

With increasing demand of cloud computing, there are still some barriers on its way. The old big organizations still deals with legacy complex IT systems that are difficult to move to cloud. Also, budget to move to cloud is another barrier as most of their part spends in maintaining this old legacy system leaving behind a small amount to switch to the cloud service.

What is missing is a confidence from cloud service providers that they can migrate such legacy system to the cloud with total security, which if can be given, will give competitive advantage to cloud service providers.

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Hadoop + GPU: Boost performance of your big data project by 50x-200x?

To boost performance now GPU will be used to perform complex 3D and mathematical tasks that will help to compute the data at faster speed as compare to CPU.

The performance depends upon speed of data transfer and the speed of data computation. GPU take care of computation speed and the major bottle neck for performance is the data transfer speed between the components.

Hadoop coupled with GPU can solve this problem along with use of libraries such as JCUDA, Java Aparai etc.

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Mobile websites Vs. Mobile apps: Which is better for your business?

With increasing use of mobile at work and personal life, it is now necessary to have mobile websites or mobile apps by which one can be in touch with your business information 24x7. To build both mobile apps and website for business is little bit difficult for small size organization due to constraint of cost. Mobile apps and websites have their own advantages and loopholes.

The decision can be taken based on type of industry your business belongs to. If your business needs daily updates/offers then building a website will be more useful as compare to building a mobile app which makes more sense when business belongs to industry where changes are not frequent such as gaming industry.

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How to make SharePoint 2013 more mobile

HTML5 support, native apps, geolocation tags etc. have helped SharePoint 2013 to become more mobile friendly. To make SharePoint more mobile, one can use third party SharePoint mobile access applications like Mobile Entrée, SharePlus, Filamente Enterprise, and Harmon which will help in different areas such as document management, email management, file sync, editing, PDF annotation, managed metadata, deployment and security etc.

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