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Tech Digest – Week 27, 2013

Corporate Jul 05, 2013

Mobile security SharePoint 2013 Microsoft office 2013 pentaho analytics Big Data Document automation solutions cloud computing Technology

Auto scaling in cloud computing

One of great advantage of Cloud computing is its scalable feature. Scalable features helps to balance the infrastructure requirement and to achieve best performance. In cloud, traffic is constantly monitored to identify the patterns and to allocate resources to fulfill the need. But this may turns into disadvantage if the system fails to recognize the true traffic.

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Pentaho dives deeper into big data with Analytics Think Tank

Big data concept is now becoming big day by day. A strong market player Pentaho now has come with new feature called “Think Tank” that is a part of “adaptive layer” that will help to integrate with other big data storage systems and support features offered by different databases.

Pentaho has come with Hadoop distribution, NoSQL database updates and the Splunk integration.

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Mobile security in a changing world: devices, apps & content

With increasing use of Mobile, Mobile security is now becoming more and more important and hence people are finding different ways for making mobile secure so that they use them for their business. Mobile can be made secure by making hardware changes i.e. at device level, or it can be secure by writing a code called app wrapper i.e. at app level and the other way is to insert the security layer below the content i.e. at content level.

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Document automation now available for 2013 versions of Microsoft Office and SharePoint

Document automation solutions are now available for Microsoft Office 2013 and SharePoint 2013 which will now facilitate dynamic merging of data stored in different enterprise system along with facility to add content from Excel, PowerPoint, SQL databases etc.

These features have made SharePoint and Microsoft more comprehensive and have given more flexibility and control to users to fetch data.

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