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Tech Digest – Week 49, 2013

Corporate Dec 06, 2013

SharePoint 2013 Big Data cloud computing Technology

Cloud computing fostering growth in IT

The ace technology cloud is considered as a major technology in the market and by now most of the solution providers might have sworn by it as if it is the future of technology, IT technology. However it is mostly so, that cloud computing can be interpreted differently by different people.

To truly and fully understand how cloud computing works and its effect on decision making in IT, it is important to take a closer look and understand how technologies like cloud can really affect business processes. Cloud itself covers a host of technologies such as hosted servers, hosted storage technology, hosted security solutions etc. However there are a few services from these that are combined to help build a complete hosted solution.

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Big Data faces big content across the chasm, reveals research

Most organizations that manage to be successful and sustain is due to their ability to understand their market well as much as they understand their customers, their needs and the competitor’s activities. In the age of Big Data, analyzing big mounds of data is a good way to gain insight and delve deeper into what exactly makes a company tick and also to uncover newer avenue and opportunities.

Therefore many Big Data technologies such as content management, business intelligence, search etc. have armed companies with the ease and ability to analyze vast amounts of data that too quite affordably.

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7 things a CIO must know about mobile apps

With the emerging technological outbreak, everybody is now almost walking with the power of a 1970’s mainframe in their pockets, as is the trend to be able to use that kind of power to be able to complete their daily tasks. It is a known fact that there is a growing demand from amid business users for mobile applications to help them work more efficiently and with more freedom to do that while on the move from any given location.

Now companies try to make it easier for customers to do business with them using mobile applications. It is almost a trend now that, if you have customers then you necessarily have mobile customers.

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It is time to get ready for Office, SharePoint and Exchange 2013 SP1 service packs.

Come 2014 and the opening of the year will see SharePoint 2013, Exchange 2013 (but apparently not Lync) and Service Pack 1updates for Office 2013, bringing the on-premises versions of these servers and applications up to the par with the then-current Office 365 versions.

However it looks like the only way Microsoft will keep the on-premise versions of its offerings at parity with the cloud-delivered Office 365 versions, by issuing periodic service packs.

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