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Tech Digest – Week 09, 2013

Admin Mar 01, 2013

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Cloud on your terms – The era of Cloud Computing

We live in an era where we can follow all the essential data we need to access. We don’t have to be tied to the office computer for doing work. We are already living in the era of cloud computing. Day by day, cloud computing is becoming essential for most of us. Many services that we use in our daily life actually reside somewhere in the “cloud”.

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Gartner: Business Intelligence and Analytics are fastest growing software market

Distinct departments such as Human Resources (HR), marketing and social of many companies have not even started into analytics and BI. Many advantages are offered by using business intelligence and analytics because they allow attaining new information flows and putting valuable data available to all professionals in real time. They are still the fastest growing software markets. As per Gartner`s research, the market for BI globally will grow by 7 percent as compared with last year.

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Google App Engine update eases cloudy Mobile app development

To simplify the mobile app development in the cloud, Google has updated its platform-as-a-service (PaaS). The "Cloud Endpoints" feature was pushed out in its preview form by Google last week, along with support for the Java 7 runtime on its App Engine platform-as-a-service. The Cloud Endpoint lets developers expose RESTful APIs from their GAE applications to mobile and web apps.

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How the Cloud is impacting SharePoint 2013?

A long time before, our transactional data was transmitted via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) through very expensive Value Added Networks (VANs). But with telecom and e-commerce advances, the development of XML and SOAP protocols and standards, there is a tremendous decline in the costs of hardware, and the move toward web services and virtualized environments, enterprises and service providers alike are trying to figure out their path forward in the cloud. The cloud is the evolution of software and collaboration - it’s something companies need to be thinking about, or they will get left behind.

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