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SharePoint - Simplifying the Life of Government

Nidhi Thakkar Jan 11, 2017

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SharePoint is one of the widely used platform, especially in the government sector, because of its collaboration and content management features. SharePoint helps government organizations to reduce cost and deliver services to the common people effectively. Apart from providing excellent service to people, SharePoint lets the government organizations to improvise their internal functions and operations. 

So, let us find out how SharePoint’s invincible features enable the government to streamline their internal processes and operations.

  • Simplifies routine tasks and improvises user experience – Having SharePoint application for internal purpose can be favorable as it provides tight integration with other client applications. This allows government to review and access documents easily. In addition, rich user-interface makes the user experience simpler and consistent to interact with the data available on the portal.

  • Provides centralized administration – SharePoint provides a centralized administration feature through which managers can control entire administration smoothly. The centralized feature lets officials manage the security and other app management data. Also, monitoring SharePoint farms and taking regular backups is also possible with SharePoint.  

  • Enables the collaboration between peers - We all are aware that, collaboration between peers and other functions is the key for success of any government. Collaboration between department’s employees also helps the government to make the process of decision making faster. So, SharePoint makes the collaboration and communication process between the peers easier so that the information is exchanged without any hassle.  

  • Saves cost by providing integration with other Microsoft products - Just as other Microsoft products, SharePoint also provides tight integration with other Microsoft application which facilitates the top officials to save cost of investing in customized applications. With SharePoint, department heads can simply combine other external portals and gain privilege of experiencing excellent features and functionalities. 

  • Provides cutting-edge security benefits – If you are keen to protect your data and documents or want to prevent your system for unauthorized access, SharePoint with its excellent features can help you to achieve the same. 

This is what government organizations really need to simplify their internal processes and boost productivity.  

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