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Points to remember by businesses while implementing Salesforce

Nidhi Thakkar Jan 12, 2017

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Salesforce is for every business. Whether you are selling clothes, cars or pizza, Salesforce is required by every segment of the workforce. Over the years, Salesforce has managed to influence both businesses and technology groups because Salesforce has accomplished something which no company was able to achieve during the commencement of cloud computing.

Businesses love the idea of Salesforce, as it’s a powerful ecosystem having best CRM features. Salesforce provides a great control over the application, processes and data. It is also an excellent reporting and analytics tool that accelerates project implementation and help businesses to track project whereabouts. For administrators, Salesforce is a blessing, as it allows them to develop full-fledged applications without any technical experience.

Developers and technology enthusiasts like Salesforce as it provides a bunch of outstanding functionalities important for any enterprise application. Salesforce offers excellent ability for security, emails, authentication and collaboration.

Implementing Salesforce can help businesses to sell in a better manner. While implementing, stakeholders must be aware of technicalities and must make sure that the implementation is executed strategically.

Before moving ahead with Salesforce implementation, here are few points businesses must contemplate.

  • Consider sales team priorities - Technical stuff like implementation, workflows and architecture tend to overpower the needs of sales team, while implementing Salesforce application. CRM applications like Salesforce are key factor in improving the performance of the sales person but, if anyhow the sales person fails to understand, it would directly impact business performance. Hence, while implementing Salesforce application, it is highly essential to consider end users and make sure they are fully trained to use application. If sales team copes with application, it can eventually lead to better customer connections and elevate business growth.
  • Focus on other complementary products – Just focusing on core Salesforce application might not offer businesses with full-fledged benefits. For CRM as an individual entity, it might be difficult to execute all operations single-handedly as it is a backend system, incapable of transferring information to get actual actionable results. Hence, other Salesforce products like AppExchange can be used to bridge these kind of gaps.
  • Improve on your ROI – It is true, implementing Salesforce can be valuable, but this can be a costly affair too. The annual subscription, maintenance fee and other overheads. In addition, the training expenses, other training tools and of course the training collaterals adds up further. To utilize the benefits offered by Salesforce, it is must that stakeholders do not leave any of the features fallow. Using combined solutions that are available from a single and centralized location can help sales staff to adopt the CRM sooner and stay ahead of the game which can ultimately help the businesses to gain maximum ROI.

Our recommendation is to consider the above pointers while implementing Salesforce for your business purpose.

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