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How to get Agile right?

Nidhi Thakkar Nov 16, 2016

Software Development Agile Methodology agile

Agile methodology is one of the most popular methodologies adopted by C-suite executives to meet the ever-changing development requirements. It is a method ideal for software development which aligns with new digital environment unlike other traditional methods such as waterfall. The Agile methodology is the best way of executing projects and eventually making the life easier for developers.  

From last decade, it has been observed that percentage of adoption of agile methodology is increasing tremendously, however at the same time executives are failing to understand the essence of agile. The fundamental of agile is to purely understand the approach and accept change required for betterment of product development. Executives also need to comprehend that change is vital no matter whether they are to satisfy needs of user or to stay ahead of competition in the modern world. While implementing agile, executives need to follow a simple rule ‘inspect and adapt’ to garner compete benefits of agile.  

When beginners tend to follow agile they are completely unaware of the techniques and methodologies and also lack experience implementing it. However, agile practitioners are fairly able to identify techniques and follow exact set of rules because they have rich experience and high level of skills in understanding agile methodology.  

Agile has its set of rules and concrete practices already defined like ‘do this when that happens’ and hence, beginners willing to opt for agile need to follow these set of rules instead of implementing some theoretical and vague concepts. It is very simple process of understanding the practices and implementing them thoroughly without complicating it.  

In contradiction, following the similar rules might feel like stuck in a box. Utilizing the same process over and over again might give a feeling of inadequacy. Simply following the practices mentioned in the book can be tedious wherein there is no chance of exploring and gaining new experience. It is true, since a decade the process of agile has not been modernized. So how do we transform and gain a new experience? How do we revolutionize agile and provide development world with a new paradigm? Stay tuned as my next blog post might let you explore the new world of agile.  

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