Tech stories making the rounds - Week 31, 2015

Technology trends week 31

Alibaba will invest $1bn in Cloud Computing

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Are your mobile technology strengths evenly matched to win?

A giant with a mountainous left half and shriveled right, won’t stand a chance against the tiniest hurdles. The perfect experience for your precious prospects needs a balance of strengths that touches all areas of their pain points.

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Effective Communication for Change Management

Our company is poised towards a big growth phase. I began to think how I can assist in implementing transformative changes without disrupting the workflow for my team members. Strategic planning implementation is at the heart making change happen in any kind of organization. So, why should my organization want to embark on a strategic planning process and implementation? Answer - I want to be one of those organizations, in which employees not only understand the mission and goals but play a key role in creating them as well. Considering this as my goal, I came to the conclusion that this seems like a good reason to start strategic planning implementation. I started by examining the keys needed for effective or rather successful strategic planning implementation. And this is what I came up with:

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Why is Documentation Important in Software Testing?

When we hear the term documentation, several questions arise in our mind:

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Tech stories making the rounds - Week 30, 2015

Tech Digest week 30

Leverage the cloud for business benefits

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Microsoft making the right moves with WPC 2015

“Cloud-first, mobile-first world,” – That was the premise on which Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella painted the roadmap for the future of Microsoft at the recently held Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) 2015. Microsoft made all the right moves with a continued emphasis on Big Data, cloud, personal computing and enterprise collaboration.

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Offline Avenues for Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations do some of the most painstaking trench-work to uplift the world at the grassroots level. Part of their work sometimes involves getting into remote, inaccessible locations. The volunteers and caretakers strive hard to reach out to people in the less accessible areas.

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e-Zest on Business Today 2015

e-Zest recently found a mention in Business Today, one of the leading business magazines in India. The article was about the use of social media to drive employee engagement.

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Tech stories making the rounds - Week 29, 2015

Technology trends week 29
Microsoft Azure increasingly gaining popularity

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How to Continuously Improve Test Release Process

Based on my experiences, here are some quick tips to improve test release process continuously:

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Hearables - Moving beyond Wearables

Heard about Hearables? Yep, that’s the newest bubble extending from the wearables space. While most wearables are designed for the wrist, this new category of wearables is built for the ear. As the name suggests, these devices are typically used to capture data through the ear.

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Tech stories making the rounds - Week 28, 2015

Technology trends week 28

Device Farm will make it easier to test apps in AWS

At the recently held AWS Summit, Amazon launched a new service that will help developers to test mobile apps in its cloud. Called the AWS Device Farm, it helps developers to ensure that their code works on Amazon Fire OS and Android mobile devices. The service automatically tests the code and gives insights to developers. Device Farm also offers reports and screenshots.

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Healthcare Marketing Analytics for healthcare providers

Due to complex compliance and security needs, the healthcare sector has been slow towards technology adoption. The story is repeated with big data analytics. Healthcare has often focused more on technology that directly relates to its efforts and patient outcomes. However, the increasing competition for market share has forced healthcare providers to look at marketing analytics. They are using data to identify people in need of their services and retaining them within their networks once they become patients.

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“Should we go for MEAP or wait for the right time?”

Mobiles are quickly surpassing PCs for critical functions. Enterprises are beginning to recognize this shift. They are now taking proactive steps to become a part of this change. Porting key business functions for mobile users and/or developing mobile focused solutions require a high upfront investment. However, the growing mobile solutions landscape offers tons of options according to your need and budget. MDM, MAM, cross-platform development tools and/or a complete set of enterprise mobile management suites are available in the market. MEAP is one such option which enables enterprises to be more cost effective and provide services quickly to their users along with easy management options.

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How to boost SharePoint adoption?

Many organizations have implemented SharePoint or a hybrid version with deployments across different environments. However, you need to monitor adoption rates and user experiences. Recently, the shift from on-premise SharePoint deployment to SharePoint on cloud has necessitated the need to track and monitor multiple deployments. How will this affect your organization?

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Video tutorial: Storm Server Setup

This video blog showcases installation of Storm on M3.large EC2 instance with 7.5 Gig of memory and 2 vCPUs Single machine installed Storm. The blog explores setting up a Storm stand-alone machine which intakes and processes a JAR file with Storm topologies. It also showcases setting up Zookeeper configuration, Storm.yaml configuration depending on workers. Furthermore, it highlights a Storm UI setup that is useful for monitoring Storm.
[youtube id="TpvNu0Abcoc" width="600" height="350"]

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Predictive analytics for driving business performance

This article explains and analyzes two fundamental business scenarios of how data and predictive analytics are used to drive business performance.

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What’s new in Cloud Computing?

This is a simple question, deserving a long answer!

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Enterprise applications need more ‘gray’ thinking

Before we jump to discuss the topic, let us know some fundamentals about "black and white" and "Gray" thinking and how they are different from each other!

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Is PHP mainstream?

History of PHP

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Important Aspects of Efficient Project Management

As we all know, the right mix of planning, monitoring and controlling can go a long way towards completing projects in the desired time and budget with predicted business outcomes.

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e-Zest will help spread the Digital India movement

It was exciting to hear Narendra Modi’s thoughts on the Digital India initiative. His thoughts on technology playing a leading role in realizing the dream of minimum government, maximum governance resonated with me greatly. I have always thought technology can do greater things than what it is designed for. We saw glimpses of it during the Egyptian revolution and the Haiti crisis among others, but the launch of this movement has pegged the future of India as digital. And Digital India is the right way ahead.

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Tech stories making the rounds - Week 27, 2015

Technology trends 27

Cloud will become a $127 Billion market by 2018

Cloud is basically composed of many servers, some pieces of networking hardware and software which is connected to the internet. Cloud computing helps businesses in saving, collecting and organizing data, and it is a more powerful arrangement than privately owned computers. The cloud computing market is seeing a 22.8% CAGR and is expected to touch a staggering $127.5 billion by 2018. Currently, the market leaders Dropbox are valued at around $15 billion.

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Can Big Data help farmers fight climate change?

According to a study in Australia, the future of the family farm may depend on Big Data. There are tons of benefits in employing Big Data to have access to accurate and agronomic weather information. The changing climate has given rise to weather variability which is outside the experience of farmers. More agronomic weather conditions can enhance profitability making Big Data important for farmers.

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The ROI on Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise mobility offers a tremendous opportunity to transform your business. Mobility does not involve a massive change where processes are overhauled. Instead, it involves removing swaths of administration steps in existing processes. Mobility can solve sole real business challenges.

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SharePoint 2016 will be cloud driven

With SharePoint Server 2016, Microsoft will create a more unified experience for end users by integrating them with cloud services. The IT giant has been following this trend of moving various technologies to the cloud. This also applies to Office add-ins. All will become part of a common framework for Office 365. The company is taking all these technologies and pushing them onto SharePoint Server 2016.

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“Should we go for MEAP or wait for the right time?”

Enterprises thinking on these lines, I must say, are already late in the game and would be losing the stupendous benefits that mobile revolution has to offer. Your employees, customers, business partner, vendors are all using smartphone and you need to make the most of these available resources.

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Best approach for Product Lifecycle Management

Turning PLM into business success

PLM is slowly becoming recognized as a credible innovation enabler. Until recently, PLM was practiced only by a handful of engineering departments of some companies. Today, many business leaders across industries see PLM as a necessary discipline for driving innovation, managing costs, improving pricing strategies and powering growth.

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Find your passion and boost your profession

Find your passion and boost your profession

Many people today find themselves trapped in their jobs. Either they want to do something else or they think that their skills are not utilized properly. Some career management articles go as far to suggest that you can quit your job if you are not happy in it, but it is easier said than done. The reasons could be many:

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