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“Should we go for MEAP or wait for the right time?”

Bharadwaj Satbhai Jul 03, 2015

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Enterprises thinking on these lines, I must say, are already late in the game and would be losing the stupendous benefits that mobile revolution has to offer. Your employees, customers, business partner, vendors are all using smartphone and you need to make the most of these available resources.

Mobile Application Development Services

Mobile usage is quickly surpassing PC usage for critical functions Enterprises understand that very well. To have an edge, enterprises need to take proactive steps to become a part of this change.

Yes, porting your key business functions for mobile users or developing mobile focused solutions will not be cheap and require initial investment at your end. However, the growing mobile solutions landscape offers tons of options according to your need and budget. MDM, MAM, cross-platform development tools and/or a complete set of enterprise mobile management suites are available in the market. You can easily find a solution fitting your needs.

Enterprises depending on custom point-to-point mobile application development are constantly facing challenges due to integrations with existing enterprise systems and ever expanding mobile device operating systems. Enabling all users with such solutions with the rise of BYOD acceptance poses challenges from cost, time to market and maintenance perspectives. MEAP exactly focuses on these problems and enables enterprises to be more cost effective and provide services quickly to their users with ease of management.

Moreover, enterprises today need to ensure that they are good on security as well as privacy. Exposure to critical enterprise data has to be secured on mobile devices. Mobile device management features like provisioning, secured transmission and storage of data and policy enforcement really add great value. There is no turning away from MEAPs for mobile application management needs

MEAP solutions have now evolved greatly to provide a complete package for enterprises mobility initiatives. Enterprises must jump in for MEAP before the world moves ahead to the next technology revolution.

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