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Tech stories making the rounds - Week 28, 2015

Corporate Jul 11, 2015

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Technology trends week 28

Device Farm will make it easier to test apps in AWS

At the recently held AWS Summit, Amazon launched a new service that will help developers to test mobile apps in its cloud. Called the AWS Device Farm, it helps developers to ensure that their code works on Amazon Fire OS and Android mobile devices. The service automatically tests the code and gives insights to developers. Device Farm also offers reports and screenshots.

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Healthcare Marketing Analytics for healthcare providers

Due to complex compliance and security needs, the healthcare sector has been slow towards technology adoption. The story is repeated with big data analytics. Healthcare has often focused more on technology that directly relates to its efforts and patient outcomes. However, the increasing competition for market share has forced healthcare providers to look at marketing analytics. They are using data to identify people in need of their services and retaining them within their networks once they become patients.

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“Should we go for MEAP or wait for the right time?”

Mobiles are quickly surpassing PCs for critical functions. Enterprises are beginning to recognize this shift. They are now taking proactive steps to become a part of this change. Porting key business functions for mobile users and/or developing mobile focused solutions require a high upfront investment. However, the growing mobile solutions landscape offers tons of options according to your need and budget. MDM, MAM, cross-platform development tools and/or a complete set of enterprise mobile management suites are available in the market. MEAP is one such option which enables enterprises to be more cost effective and provide services quickly to their users along with easy management options.

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How to boost SharePoint adoption?

Many organizations have implemented SharePoint or a hybrid version with deployments across different environments. However, you need to monitor adoption rates and user experiences. Recently, the shift from on-premise SharePoint deployment to SharePoint on cloud has necessitated the need to track and monitor multiple deployments. How will this affect your organization?

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