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Technology news from around the globe - Week 34, 2016

Corporate Aug 19, 2016

Mobility Big Data Collaboration Enterprise Mobility Cloud


Cloud Computing – Gaining more popularity

Recently, the concept of delivering computing services has been gaining lots of popularity in the world of technology. Almost daily we hear or talk about some latest services or apps offering brand new techniques of delivering their cloud services. Read more to look on how to leverage a continuous supply of computing services.

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Things that can risk your business with enterprise mobility

Owing to the mobile security space, enterprises face lot of threats which require to be addressed immediately with top-notch mobility tools. To explore the reasons which can put your business at risk with enterprise mobility check out the findings.

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The data, not an only aspect of Big Data

When we talk about big data, data is the only single entity which is analysed and utilized. But presently this may not be the scenario. Big data is moving beyond complexity, data science and web science as humans are playing a key role in this system. Big data is being called as “social science” or “social analytics” due to association with humans.

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Enterprises collaboration falling short for these 6 reasons

Employees within every enterprise are connected with one another and there is not even a single enterprise that does operate without collaborating. But the tools needed for enterprise collaboration usually fail to fulfil the real business objectives. Here are few loopholes one need shun to gain maximum benefits from the collaboration initiative.

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