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Tech stories making news – Week 40, 2016

Corporate Sep 30, 2016

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10 strategies to plan cloud successfully

Whether they know or not, few organizations have already started moving to cloud. But, to totally leverage the benefits of cloud, it is must to understand and plan an appropriate strategy. So here are few strategies on how to get started with cloud.

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Enterprise Mobility – Stabilizing security and flexibility

Though enterprises have positively adopted BYOD policies internally, but they are facing lot of complications in governing those policies. Enterprises are failing to offer flexibility to staff which is hampering their productivity and focusing only upon security.

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Big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence driving healthcare industry

Machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data are changing the way doctors provide care to the patients. It is true that they are not going to totally replace doctors and nurses but their existence is going to impact the healthcare by providing positive outcomes.

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Empowering effective collaboration within an enterprise

The organizations are not naive about concept of collaboration; still they fail to leverage it entirely. It is absolutely necessary to think and strategize on collaboration tools and techniques to utilize it fully.

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