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Let the robot test- RPA

Let the robot test- RPA
Automation has been impacting the industry across the globe, and it is getting into the root level of products and services. Right from manufacturing to information technology, automation is making our life better and getting finer products out in the market.
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Technology stories that are worth - Week 51, 2017

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10 ways cloud computing will evolve in 2018

It is evident, cloud is everywhere. Only a few years ago it was unclear as to how cloud adoption would unfold. But come 2018, it's safe to say every business uses some form of cloud services. Current spending on cloud services demonstrates just how rapidly usage has grown.

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Technology news from around the globe - Week 50, 2017

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Tech stories making the rounds - Week 49, 2017

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Technology trends for 2018

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As we enter the last quarter of 2017, we can assertively say, that it's been an eventful year in digital transformation. And while we come closer to the year end, we can get a sense of what's ahead in the game of digital transformation. Of course, all this excluding the unexpected disruptions. 

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