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Technology news around the world - Week 07, 2019

Corporate Feb 15, 2019

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IBM marries on-premises, private- and public-cloud data

IBM is introducing Cloud Integration Platform so customers can better integrate data securely no matter where it resides in on-premises, private, hybrid or public cloud.

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Microsoft Intune introduces MDM Security Baselines to secure the modern workplace

Administrators are faced with deploying the right security configuration from hundreds of available granular device management controls, without impacting operations or productivity. Microsoft Intune helps administrators navigate and select the right Windows 10 security features for their business by offering security baselines within the service.

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Analytics and Business Intelligence 2020: planning for what matters most

Reflect on how analytics and reporting capabilities initially emerged, matured, morphed, expanded audiences, updated computing paradigms, and incorporated artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable everyone to get the best insights possible.

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Using the SharePoint Framework with Teams to build simple custom apps

Microsoft's SharePoint collaboration platform isn't new, but its latest evolution is taking it to new places and to new users. Part of that change is a new way of building applications, one that's taking SharePoint development to Microsoft's Teams chat-based collaboration environment and even into mixed reality with HoloLens.

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Overcoming the key challenges to your B2B e-commerce success

The technology behind e-commerce changed the way companies and consumers engage and do business. It's time for B2B companies to take the big leap forward and embrace e-commerce just as B2C companies have done before.

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We are excited to announce that e-Zest has been featured as an 'Emerging & Expansive' player in the ER&D Service Ratings 2021 ...

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We are extremely excited! e-Zest has been featured as an 'Emerging and Expansive' player in the ER&D overall segment, while ...

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