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Technology news around the world - Week 06, 2019

Corporate Feb 08, 2019

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Edge Computing: Saving the Cloud from ephemeral data

Edge computing is rapidly gaining momentum. Last week’s Linux Foundation news on the launch of LF Edge is one more sign of accelerating growth at the edge. What’s driving this sudden intense interest? It’s more than just the sheer number of edge devices or mounting concerns around interoperability and security. Pushing compute resources closer to the edge can save the cloud and networks from waves of ephemeral data.

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Data Loss Prevention (DLP) – Human error, insider threats and the in-between

Companies dedicate large amounts of resources and money towards establishing an air tight DLP policy to detect and protect company data and prevent it from getting into the wrong hands, whether deliberately or by mistake. But no matter how good the technology, or how vigilant the security team, there is always a wildcard – end users.

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Microsoft Azure sets its sights on more analytics workloads

Enterprises now amass huge amounts of data, both from their own tools and applications, as well as from the SaaS applications they use. For a long time, that data was basically exhaust. Maybe it was stored for a while to fulfill some legal requirements, but then it was discarded. Now, data is what drives machine learning models, and the more data you have, the better.

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Microsoft is making OneDrive, SharePoint Online its default save locations for Office 365 apps

Starting this month (February 2019), Microsoft is changing the way that Windows and Mac users of Office 365 applications will save Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. OneDrive and SharePoint Online are going to become the default location for saving these kinds of files.

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The evolution of digital commerce

A new breed of e-commerce is emerging, completely driven by data and near real-time insights into customer behavior. These companies can do rapid experimentation and react to customer needs very quickly, by integrating machine learning across their entire commerce system, to provide automated optimizations and to augment human decision making.

Read more: https://hubs.ly/H0gwB8x0

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