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Technology news around the globe - Week 8, 2018

Corporate Feb 23, 2018

enterprise collaboration tools Big Data Enterprise Mobility Enterprise Collaboration Cloud Enterprise mobility management

Availability of Google’s Cloud IoT

Google’s New IoT Core platform is now released for general public. With IoT gradually gaining prominence in the market, Google with its existing cloud services could be a game changer. The article sheds light on this new service.

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IAM challenges and solutions

The ever growing Mobility, Cloud and IoT have resulted in IAM chaos. This article sheds light on the current challenges with IAM and gives us approaches to tackle them.

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Overcoming Retail's Big Data Challenges

Retailers have access to consumer data and how they manages and makes their data is of increasing importance to their competitiveness in a tough industry. However, they are facing challenges putting this big data into action. Read how retailer can overcome the Big Data challenges.

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Considerations for Team Collaboration

Everything you need to know about team collaboration tools is included in this interactive content. Wonder which tool to use, read this in depth article to help you understand the features of each tool so that you can pick the most appropriate one for your enterprise.

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