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Tech Digest – Week 27, 2014

Corporate Jul 12, 2014

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Cloud Computing significant for small businesses

The most exciting thing for small businesses looking to move to the cloud is the explosion of Big Data. Cloud provides a low cost platform for data storage and allows organisations to gain valuable insights from the data.

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Big Data will bring disruptive changes to the healthcare ecosystem

Big Data has the potential to make drug discovery and development more efficient. Through the combination of genomic and Real World Data (RWD), pharmaceutical companies are already identifying new disease pathways. Big Data, including RWD, improves both selection of target molecules and patients for clinical trials. RWD can impact the safety and effectiveness of treatments by providing rapid feedback helping healthcare professionals provide personalised treatment.

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Enterprise mobility solutions to get a cloud boost

Enterprise mobility solutions will get a significant boost through cloud-based solutions. This will help enterprises mobilise quickly and easily. The focus has shifted from mobile device management solutions. Companies are increasingly choosing on-premise platforms or the cloud for enterprise applications. As more mobile devices and platforms access the enterprise content and systems, only cloud-based solutions offer the necessary scalability to organisations.

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Amazon launches new enterprise collaboration tool

Amazon has launched Zocalo, a new cloud storage and sharing service. Users can share files between devices, and collaborate using this new service. Although its available only on a limited preview now, the service will be global. Amazon is trying to leverage its steam in cloud computing, gained through Amazon Web Services, in the enterprise collaboration space.

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