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TECH DIGEST – Week 37, 2014

Corporate Sep 19, 2014

enterprise collaboration tools Big Data Cloud Computing strategy Technology Enterprise Mobility

How to design your Cloud Computing strategy

Cloud is a buzzword that just cannot escape any technology conversation nowadays. Most companies have begun to understand it, but do not know where to start. Typically, this happens when the leadership is pushing to embrace cloud without a specific need. The good part is that cloud applications are mature offerings. They are easy to integrate, boast of rich features and deliver the immense value.

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Big Data transforming healthcare for the better

Big Data is transforming the scale and scope of how doctors and insurance companies approach healthcare and related issues. All the factors such as - claims, patient behaviors, costs etc. are increasingly getting quantified and analyzed in this sector. Based on the patterns derived from algorithms; strategies and approaches to treat people and prevention are increasingly changing. Big Data has given doctors a never before chance to collect data about patients more than any clinical trial ever held.

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Enterprise Mobility is the key to a productive workforce

In this era of transformation, enterprise mobility is leading the technology change. The workplace has witnessed radical changes - interaction, collaboration and ways of doing business in general have changed for the better. In fact, running a business is unimaginable without mobility. Enabling workforce for anywhere, anytime communication, empowers them. Customers expect a quick turnaround and less response time from companies. Moreover, with increasing emergence of BYOD and lack of BYOD policies, data loss and information leakage is a real threat. A robust enterprise mobility strategy can address and weed out all these problems.

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Enterprise collaboration tools facilitate communication, both inside and outside offices

Companies are looking beyond enterprise collaboration tools built for multiple tasks and its role in crowdsourcing is gathering steam. With companies having a global workforce, common virtual locations to ideate and communicate on projects is commonplace. Collaboration tools are being used to crowd source ideas in a secure fashion and spread it among the workers, even beyond the four walls of the organization.

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