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Corporate Sep 08, 2018

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Amazon uses its e-Commerce influence to transform Healthcare
As Amazon enters healthcare for the second time, it brings several new strengths to the table. Its current scale and reach are larger than ever before. The company has a direct distribution advantage to over 300M active customers, 100M Prime Members, and approximately 5M sellers on the site, which could prove useful should it ever develop health solutions for small businesses.
Enterprise Cloud Computing in 2018
The 2018 IDG Cloud Computing Study's goals include measuring cloud computing trends among decision-makers including their usage and plans across the spectrum of cloud deployment, platform, and service models. The study provides an excellent contrast between the cloud purchase process for enterprises and Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs). 

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Security breaches within healthcare due to mobility policies

Solving the security challenges healthcare providers face is going to fuel faster growth. Digitally-enabled healthcare providers and fast-growing digital businesses in other industries are standardizing on Zero Trust Security (ZTS), which aims to protect every internal and external endpoint and attack surface.

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5 ways to grow your business with Location Data

When you think of location data, you probably think of proximity ads. While it's true that location data informs and fuels an ever-growing raft of advertising and marketing initiatives, what's often overlooked is the broader, strategic business power that location data can provide beyond advertising.

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Collaborate for better Project Management

Project Management is gaining prominence in the world of business. However, without the deployment of right collaboration tools, there could be issues with the effectiveness of the project.

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