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Tech stories making the rounds - Week 10, 2018

Corporate Mar 09, 2018

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Five core building blocks underlying Cloud technology

With a ‘software as a service’ based model of operations, there is an ever growing popularity of Public cloud providers. Since the whole motto of cloud to be provide "anything as a service" it is quite obvious for users to forget the basic technologies that makes it so worth. This article helps you understand the underlying technology that goes in making of cloud and explains what crucial part they play in everyone’s life.

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BYOD in Healthcare sector

In our increasingly connected world, working with workforce mobility has been a top project for healthcare organizations and reliability on a mobile workforce is expected to increase dramatically in the years ahead. This article sheds light on how date privacy and security can be maintained for records in the medical field.

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Big Data to bring health care from Hospitals to Home

When you visit a doctor for the first time, you are always asked about your family’s medical history. This is because most diseases and health issues are hereditary. Big Data could help with storing and analysing your family’s history going forward. Medical researchers vouch for the impact of big data analytics on the future of healthcare. They believe it can help improve healthcare and significantly reduce medical risks.

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Securing Hybrid Environments

Data in the cloud and in Office 365 is not safe from hackers. Companies that store a lot of data may have their security breached. To achieve maximum visibility and protection in Office 365, the writer suggests some ways to protect your organization’s data by enhancing Microsoft’s native capabilities using integrated security products - especially for hybrid environments.

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