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Tech stories making the rounds - Week 10, 2018

Five core building blocks underlying Cloud technology

With a ‘software as a service’ based model of operations, there is an ever growing popularity of Public cloud providers. Since the whole motto of cloud to be provide "anything as a service" it is quite obvious for users to forget the basic technologies that makes it so worth. This article helps you understand the underlying technology that goes in making of cloud and explains what crucial part they play in everyone’s life.

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Topics: Cloud Enterprise Mobility Big data Enterprise Collaboration Agile

Being Truly Agile


The title itself is a bit pretentious. As if being agile today is some sort of dilution, and we need to aim for true agility by virtue of its slightly better sounding name (my opinion of course). The concept of agility stems from the need to have teams that are better poised to tackle changing requirements. It also propounds of making the customer’s life better by delivering incrementally, with more transparency than the well maligned big bang of the waterfall model.

Topics: Agile Methodology Agile Agile Model

Agile approach for Fixed Price projects

Agile today has become a key project management methodology across industries as it is convenient and beneficial for customers as well as vendors.

Topics: Agile Agile Methodology project management Fixed Price projects

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