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Tech stories handpicked for you - Week 23, 2017

Corporate Jun 09, 2017

BYOD Big Data SharePoint Cloud Hybrid OneDrive SharePoint On-Premise Office365 CYOD


Why cloud is the responsibility of users as well?

Tech giants such as Amazon and Microsoft heavily invest in securing their data centers. However, there is no assurance given by them that customer’s information will be safe. The business software or online services are not controlled by single entity instead, there are other aspects involved as well.

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How device selection can eliminate BYOD challenges?

BYOD is a brilliant concept but it has its challenges as well. Therefore, it is essential to consider the security aspects of the devices used at workplaces. Choose your own device policy (CYOD) can help in eliminating these security risks.

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How Pharma industries can leverage big data efficiently?

Big data is offering various opportunities to the pharma industry to gain novel insights and enhance drug development process. Furthermore, with big data pharma industries can save money without jeopardizing the patient’s safety.

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Syncing SharePoint libraries with OneDrive for business

Now, it is easier to access your files from Windows desktop using OneDrive for Business sync client. However, this feature is not avaliable for regular OneDrive app. If you can access SharePoint using Office365 or an on-premise server then you can use this feature. 

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