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Tech Stories Handpicked for you- Week 12, 2018

Corporate Mar 23, 2018

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Making hybrid work for your enterprise

With continuous addition of virtualization, visibility, analytics, automation and agility, with required quality per tenant, service or application workload type we should be able to interconnect as many enterprise businesses and CSPs as possible. The article makes it clear that the hybrid IT cloud strategy is here to stay, noting that enterprises that include public CSPs as well as private clouds for their own mission-critical workloads, will gain the highest benefits.

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BYOD with a backup

As more and more companies opt for BYOD working style, security becomes all the more difficult to control. However, with a few strategies outlined in this article you can ensure that mobility is beneficial and not a threat.

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Secure your Big Data

Big data security is a major area of concern for organizations. This article highlights why it is important for various sectors to protect their big data from security breaches and also sheds light on actions that can be taken to prevent such breaches.

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Microsoft Business Applications that will drive digital transformation

Microsoft is launching additions to their business applications. They are unleashing a wave of innovation across the entire product line with hundreds of new capabilities and features in three core areas: new business applications; new intelligent capabilities infused throughout; and transformational new application platform capabilities.

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