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Tech Digest – Week 52, 2012

Corporate Dec 28, 2012

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2012 witnesses Cloud computing taking a bite out of IT

The private cloud has slowly started evolving and the new public cloud is playing leap; we are on the extreme edge of shifting to cloud computing for critical business workloads. When there was a talk about cloud computing five years ago, it meant one thing: Service such as Amazon or Salesforce that customers could self-provision over the internet and pay as they go. That is called as the “public cloud” nowadays, as opposed to the “private cloud”, which refers to the application of public cloud technologies which could self-provision over the internet.

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Cloud, Social emerge as top trends of the year in Information management space

The year 2012 is quite close to the end, it has been a busy year because of the fact that there is a substantial change that is noticeable across the entire information technology landscape which shows the increasing importance of social business. The lack in the performance of the enterprise content management space has led to an increasingly speedy move towards the cloud. There have been some surprising moves in terms of consolidation as bigger vendors continued to buy the technologies they needed to complete their portfolios rather than develop those technologies themselves, but the principal trend across the entire landscape is actually a blurring of the lines between the different elements that make up the information market space.

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2012: The year Android truly challenged iOS

In its early years, the forward-thinking mobile users and the corporate-standard smartphone compelled Apple’s iPhone to become the standard bearer. The iPad quickly redefined the tablet market, surrendering others who tried to get attention. The iPad dramatically dominates the tablet market today, as much as the iPod does the MP3 player market. But this year saw some breezing change with the competitors including Android’s ‘Jelly Bean’, Samsung’s ‘Notes’ and Google`s ‘Nexuses’ finally delivering compelling capabilities.

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SharePoint Review 12’: Planned deployments, Information access are still the keys

The main issues and concerns of enterprises using it are: unplanned deployments and disorganized information. These are the views of SharePoint’s expert contributors even before the full release of SharePoint 2013. There are various themes throughout the year and the distinct versions of SharePoint; it is unlikely that the problems we have identified are going to be solved with a new version, they remarked further.

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