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Tech Digest – Week 24, 2013

Corporate Jun 14, 2013

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New algorithm solves Cloud security issues

The prevalent weakness with the cloud is now seems to be resolved by MIT researchers. A new algorithm has been programmed that uses “Homomorphic Encryption”, a method that always keeps data encrypted even while processing data at the cloud server, making cloud perfectly secure. Although it also have some drawbacks that are also taken care of by this algorithm.

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Turning Big Data into money

Organizations are hoarding large amount of data every single day. These data, if used wisely can lead to huge profits and this is from where the Big data concept has come. Every time a customer interact with the system, some data is stored in the system. The interaction points can be chat, email, social media etc. This data can be used by predictive and adaptive model to anticipate customers’ needs and to recommend solution in real time. This helps to understand the customer and to build strong long term relationship thus yielding customer satisfaction and the profits.

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What Android has over iOS?

From long time, two foremost players, Android and iOS are given neck to neck competition to each other. In today’s scenario, there are some features that are helping Android to stay ahead of iOS. What helping Android is its ability to serve different target markets having different needs with different strategy whereas iOS is still of the opinion that one size fits to all. Android have plus points in many features including the power of file sharing, UI customization, custom ROMs and many more.

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How to add encryption to Office 365?

Using Office 365, one can store and share their confidential documents securely by encrypting them. You can keep track of what authenticated users are doing with the documents and can limit their access and control to share it further, using right management services. There are many other services such as Erado, FiLink, CipherCloud, Vaultive etc. that can be used by paying extra to encrypt data before sending to Office 365.

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