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Seven Biggest Mobile Trends in Play Right Now

Corporate May 19, 2015

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A recent mobile development trends and price benchmark report by ContractIQ has thrown light into some interesting trends in the mobile space. The sector is an extremely dynamic one and is constantly evolving thanks to innovations such as wearables and IoT. The report catches observations and feedback from mobile development agencies, product engineering companies and mobile design companies.

Here are seven biggest mobile trends in play right now:

  1. Startups are more gung-ho about mobile – Startups are more excited about mobile apps than enterprises. While startups account for 37% of the business for mobile development companies, only 23% enterprises are making use of these services. The enthusiasm of startups maybe attributed to easy access to VC funding.
  2. Huge price variations in mobile development services – Everyone knows that mobile development charges vary across geographies. But the report has shown a huge gap that exists between advanced countries and emerging makers such as Asia. For instance in North America, the median price for iOS development is $150 per hour whereas in India, the median is as low as $30 per hour. In fact, the prices are even lower for markets such as Indonesia with median dipping to as low $11. That’s a staggering difference of close to 15x.ContractIQ
  3. iOS and Android developers in the driving seat – Despite the increasing popularity of cross-platform mobile apps, iOS and Android developers are more confident about price hikes this year, compared to cross platform and Windows developers.
  4. HTML5 based app development may come in vogue – About 10% of mobile development companies think that HTML5 based app development will rise to prominence in the next three years. Other think that status quo will prevail.
  5. Kony can be the surprise player in the enterprise mobile space – While traditional powerhouses such as SAP, IBM, Oracle have good mindshare in the enterprise mobile space, Kony is also emerging as a strong alternative to them.
  6. APIs and SDKs need to be evangelized – Customers are still do not possess much knowledge about APIs and SDKs. In fact, 90% of customers do not know which SDKs and APIs they should employ in their apps. 25% of apps do not have any third party SDKs.
  7. Popular tools – The report also lists the popular tools which are on the rise among mobile development service companies. For instance, popular MVC frameworks include Angular.JS, Backbone.JS, Ember.JS and Knockout.JS.Popular Tools

(Photo and Data Source: https://contractiq.com/mobile-app-development-report-2015)

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