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Tech Digest – Week 17, 2014

Opportunities flowing from public cloud to financial services sector

Topics: enterprise apps Big data public cloud cloud computing Technology Enterprise Mobility 2014

Tech Digest – Week 18, 2013

How Cloud Computing is rethinking control of IT?

Topics: Oracle BI Applications business intelligence Yammer Oracle BI foundational suite Mobile App developers private cloud Mobile app development Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition OBIEE public cloud SharePoint cloud services enterprise social networking Collaboration OBIFS cloud computing Technology

Understanding Regulatory Compliance in Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud

The problem of regulatory PCI compliance in public cloud such as AWS applies more to small and medium size companies than enterprises. For example, if you are a Bank or financial institution then you can spend sizable sum on assessing yourself for PCI compliance and work with leading auditing firm to achieve the same. However it becomes challenging for small companies running payment applications or infrastructure on foundation services such as EC2 (Elastic Cloud Compute) and S3 (Simple Storage Service). AWS clearly states that you can get a completely PCI compliant infrastructure on EC2 and there are number of customers using AWS infrastructure services who are PCI/PA compliant. Security and compliance is a shared responsibility between AWS and service provider/customers.

Topics: amazon web services Data Security Standard AWS PCI Compliance PCI certification PCI DSS public cloud cloud computing Technology Payment Card Industry

Tech Digest – Week 16, 2013

Growing Investment in Cloud

Topics: mobile apps development Microsoft Office 365 private cloud HTML5 Big data public cloud responsive web application Technology

Tech Digest – Week 13, 2013

Amazon CloudHSM aims to ease security worries

Topics: social collaboration Mobile Advertising amazon web services AWS SharePoint-Yammer integration business intelligence Yammer data analytics mobile application development CloudHSM Big data public cloud SharePoint Business Collaboration Hadoop Technology

Tech Digest – Week 52, 2012

2012 witnesses Cloud computing taking a bite out of IT

Topics: amazon web services iOS Social media private cloud public cloud SharePoint Android enterprise content management cloud computing Technology

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