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Tech Digest – Week 13, 2013

Corporate Mar 29, 2013

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Amazon CloudHSM aims to ease security worries

Amazon Web Services extends their security appliance to keep encryption keys out of common infrastructure, thus helping public cloud users accept the stringent compliance regulations. AWS is adding a single-tenant, secure hardware cloud appliance to its usual software services to give customers an extra-secure method of storing encryption keys, issuing digital signatures and executing digital rights management in compliance with strict regulations.

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Does Big Data spell the end of Business Intelligence as we know it?

Acknowledged BI requires inputs from the human end about what factors are correlated to query. As predictive data analytics gets increasingly powerful, the algorithms do the deciding. This is unrevealed that big data and Hadoop are really big. The explosion of new data sources such as social media and website clickstreams offers new types of information and, potentially, the opportunity to generate new insights.

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2013 isn't the 'Year of Mobile': This is the 'Decade of Mobile'

The previous year directed us that the marketers just love the mobile technology because of the reason that it allows them to reach their audience anytime. Needless to say, mobile advertising is on a high growth trajectory for the foreseeable future with rapid growth through 2016. For six consecutive years since 2007 someone has claimed it as the “Year of Mobile” but rather it is a decade of mobile!

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Business Collaboration: Yammer’s integration with SharePoint

Microsoft`s addition of Yammer in mid-2012 for $1.2 billion has been continuously drawing IT managers’ attention as they looked upon SharePoint-Yammer integration as a strong resource in business collaboration platform. Recently, Microsoft updated their roadmap issued in November last year and announced a detailed roadmap at Convergence 2013 for enterprise social collaboration through Yammer’s integration into SharePoint.

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