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Must Read Technology Stories - Week 3, 2015

Corporate Jan 17, 2015

social collaboration Big Data Mobile Predictions for 2015 cloud computing Technology

Cloud Computing is Transforming Businesses

Cloud computing is transforming enterprises wo0rldwide. Thanks to modern SaaS applications, enterprises are able to accelerate operations and provide better customer engagement. The modern social/mobile SaaS applications combined with analytics are boosting critical business priorities and erasing traditional distinctions and hierarchies.

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How Big Data is helping the Fight against Human Trafficking?

Human rights organizations and data companies are engaging in a unique partnership to help fight human trafficking. Using the might of Big Data, experts are analyzing data sets and culling important information. The Web has become a marketplace of sorts for traffickers trying to exploit the vulnerable segments. The same web though has also become the battleground for activists and officials who are using data to disrupt these criminal networks. Apart from this data, data experts are also using information collected from phone calls, texts or emails with victims to understand the larger trends among trafficking units.

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Mobile Predictions for 2015

The New Year will belong to enterprise mobile apps. 2015 will see enterprise micro apps grow into feature-rich apps. Last year, technology friendly companies were trying to deploy solutions which enable scalable mobile app development. Options included mobile app development platforms, testing and analytics solutions, and mobile back end as a service (MBaaS) offerings. Just like consumer apps, the year will also see tons of lightweight apps built to perform a specific task.

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The Way Ahead for Social Collaboration

Social collaboration software is getting widely accepted among enterprises worldwide. Whie initially it was only seen as a 'Facebook for the Enterprise', its new avatars have seen it embrace many types of technologies and tools which are helping knowledge workers share content, ideas and collaborate on projects.

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