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How Marketers Can Leverage the Age of Mobile

With the proliferation of mobile devices, the consumers of today are always connected and know exactly what they want and how they want it. Marketers thus need to understand and capitalize on the huge opportunity that they are getting with billions across the globe adopting smartphones and making mobility it the new reality of life. In fact, in order to stay relevant, marketers need to identify how to ‘effectively’ market to these mobile consumers and profit from them. What marketers today cannot afford to ignore is that the traditional sales funnel is fast becoming redundant and that they need to come up with a new approach that is cross device and can be leveraged for measurable results. This article outlines some of the ways in which marketers can make friends with mobile and change their marketing approach

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Why Mobile Apps and Digital Marketing are the business match made in heaven?

Businesses today are increasingly leveraging the power of mobile to improve business opportunities. Today Mobile makes up almost 60% of internet usage, it is thus a no-brainer to have a mobile strategy. The dilemma for organizations is where should businesses invest to get more mileage from the money spent?There are an overwhelming number of options for businesses today to leverage digital channels for marketing optimization. From Google Ads, SEO, Content Marketing to Social Media Marketing to many other mediums and channels, there are some great options that are already being tried and tested. However, in order to make the most of the digital platform companies have to take a holistic approach to marketing which is in line with the business goals.

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Beyond Websites, Mobile Apps Offer New Customer Connection Opportunities

Over the last one year, there is a massive growth in the amount of time spent on digital platforms including desktop and mobile. According to a latest report, digital time spent is around 1.2 trillion minutes in June 2014 (24% increase over the same month last year) and time spent in mobile apps has jumped over 50% in one year.

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TABit: The little mobile monster

Which phone do you own? The answer to that would only be valid a few months from now. Mobile devices are the party wear of this generation: you buy one for as long as it is ‘trendy’ and dispense it off as fast as it came in after the next advertisement is out. Every manufacturer out there knows that the time elapsed between the device going off the shelf and into the trash-can is diminishing. This is one scenario that TABit seeks to leverage.

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How Enterprise Execs are Looking at Mobile Apps?

Mobility is transforming the way people work or consume information. In a recent survey of 200 enterprise executives regarding their outlook towards mobile app development, the challenges, and expectations, some interesting findings revealed:

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Tech Digest – Week 48, 2013

Amazon –Still the winner in the growing cloud computing market

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