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Technology News from Around the Globe - Week 38, 2015

Corporate Sep 18, 2015

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Tech digest week 38 2015

Public cloud generates $20 billion revenues for IT firms

A recent study has revealed that public cloud is still making huge inroads into the IT market. Public clouds generate about $20 billion in quarterly revenues for IT businesses. The report further reveals that public cloud operators provide about $10 billion through technology and IT supplies and generate about $12 billion through Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

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Big Data transforming oil & gas operations

The oil and gas industry is collecting tons of real-time data from sensors. The speed and size of this data requires companies in the sector to handle more data sets. Shale development coupled with cheap sensor technologies have increased the volume of data coming in from operations. Devon is one of the first oil & gas companies to adopt the Hadoop infrastructure. The company has also increased the number of sensors at drill sites to relay data for quick and real-time analysis.

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Android Marshmallow to be released soon

Android Marshmallow, Google's next mobile OS, will be released soon. The newest OS will feature mainly on the user experience. Some developers have already previewed the new OS. The new features include an enhanced battery life, improved app permissions, "Now on Tap" feature, fingerprint support, automatic backup and app links.

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Social Collaboration requires executives to lead by example

If you are looking to drive social collaboration at your organization, it is important that senior executives lead by example. Social collaboration adoption is not simply about getting users to adopt a new tool. Users have to change established behavior which is often very difficult. Business leaders should work closely with senior execs to understand the aspects of working more openly, encouraging them to post and interact with others. This will give them confidence and generate more adoption across your organization.

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