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Technology in the News- Week 37, 2015

Corporate Sep 11, 2015

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technology trends of week 37

Microsoft acquires cyber security startup Adallom

Microsoft recently bought Israel-based Adallom, a startup which focuses on defending programs and content in the cloud. While the value was not disclosed, reports have estimated the deal to be around $250 million. The acquisition comes as Microsoft's response to security worries about the cloud. Microsoft is increasingly pushing its enterprise software through cloud-based subscriptions.

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Asking the right questions of Big Data

Some organizations are able to leverage big data better than the others. And these are the organizations which are transforming the way businesses engage with customers. They are the ones who are using the power of big data to transform business models and foster innovation. For others to get there, it takes data, tools, expertise, curiosity and willingness to act on the data. Asking smarter questions of big data is an iterative process.

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Apple to release iOS 9 on September 16

Apple's newest mobile OS - iOS 9 - will be available to users on September 16. The release date was announced during the company's latest product keynote alongside the newly unveiled iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, iPad Pro and Apple TV. iOS 9 will focus on making iPhones smarter, faster and efficient.

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Collaboration will set Dropbox apart, believes company

Dropbox has quickly become the leader of cloud-based file synchronization and sharing services. Consumers first became accustomed to using Dropbox for personal uses, then started using it for work as well. As a result, Dropbox for Business was released by the company in early 2013. It contains enterprise-friendly administrative controls, integration with Active Directory and Salesforce, along with security features and certifications. The company believes that collaboration, powered by the 2.1 billion connections using the service, will make Dropbox valuable for business users.

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