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Tech Digest – Week 05, 2013

Corporate Feb 01, 2013

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Why the cloud ecosystem needs common standards?

With many startups in cloud computing, the challenges faced by them are lack of specific, global standards that could enable CIOs to evaluate various vendors on certain specific parameters and choose the one that suits their needs. When we host our data on cloud, mere verbal assurance or written commitment does not serve the purpose of securing our data. There needs to be a mechanism for data security on cloud.

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Tableau software reveals the top 10 trends for Business Intelligence in 2013

2013 can be called as the year of Business Intelligence growth. Today, the world of Business Intelligence is moving rapidly along with new technologies of enterprise databases. The organizations are becoming more attentive to place innovations around data with exponential rate increased. Tableau software has revealed ten trends for Business Intelligence in 2013 which are as follows:

  • Proliferation of data stores
  • Hadoop is real
  • Self-reliance is the new self-service
  • The value of text and other unstructured data is recognized
  • Cloud BI grows up
  • Visual analytics wins ‘Best Picture’
  • Forecasting and predictive analytics become common
  • Mobile BI moves up a weight class
  • Collaboration is not a feature, it's a reality
  • Pervasive analytics are finally pervasive

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Use HTML5 to make mobile application development less costly, complex

Building native mobile apps is costly and often limiting to development in fewer mobile platforms and devices. Companies are developing native apps as per the need for various mobile devices and mobile operating systems without actually rebuilding the app. This is made possible for each device through the operating system called as WORA- write once, run anywhere. There are at least three technologies that give varying degrees of WORA mobile apps: mobile enterprise application platforms (MEAPs), HTML5 and hybrid mobile apps. We can consider that the cost savings for corporations adopting BYOD will be significant when WORA technologies, such as HTML5, are used. HTML 5 can be a large leap when planning for a lot of Web apps for the PCs.

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Review: Office Web Apps v. Google Docs

The needs of the users looking for free online spread sheets, word docs, since many years were fulfilled with Google. Recently, Microsoft released Office Web Apps, accessible to individual users from their SkyDrive accounts, and to business users through Office 365 and SharePoint. Also we could compare many points between Microsoft Office 365 and Google apps for BI. Though Google has a high weight in the list yet Microsoft was not far behind with extreme storage advantage.

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