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Role of HR in Digital Innovation

Sakshi Koul Apr 19, 2018

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Today, organizations are progressively undergoing a phase of digital innovation, which is enough for the growth of business and even helps to redesign business models. You can read more about digital innovation in my previous blog.
The world of HR is also changing with the new trend of digital innovation. Digital innovation is growing at such a fast pace and it is completely transforming the way in which organizations operate. DI requires organizations to develop new ways to think about services that affect models that operate business. Hence this all has an effect on the functions of HR and their role in identifying and describing new ways to manage people. 

Some of the areas where HR needs to define its role that will directly contribute to the success of digital innovation are mentioned below.

Organization Restructuring: Before introducing any innovation/transformation, the leadership team should align its thought process with the organizational goals i.e. leadership must plan how digitalization will fit in the business model. Here comes the role of HR to map the future digital requirements and define the plan execute these requirements in the organization. HR needs to back the organization by linking the capabilities of employees with specific roles and responsibilities.

HR as a strategic partner: HR needs to define strategies to align business with future digital innovations. Along with this, HR also needs to focus on internal employees so that they can get the maximum benefit of the innovations incorporated in the organization. HR needs to focus on few things like user-friendly platforms that should be provided to employees that will make processes like onboarding, leave applications, etc. easy and time savvy.

Enhance cross learning Environment: HR has a vast role in enhancing the cross-learning environment. Positive platforms should be provided that will help employees share and discuss their ideas so as to boost innovation. Also, this will function as cross-functional learning within the organization.

Digital workplace: Workplace plays an important role in increasing productivity. Modern ways of communication should be used that enhances employee engagement. HR needs to act as digital HR by using digital ways to deliver learning within the team. e-based training and development programs should be organized.

Employee Engagement: Employees are looking for an environment that is more flexible, agile and fun, filled. Employee engagement practices give a sense of unity to the employee and that in turn increases productivity.

Digital innovation has its impact on each and every industry and organizations need to digitalize themselves to survive in this era.  Hence HR has to become digital first and then lead the way to transform the organization.

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