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Role of Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources

Sakshi Koul May 10, 2018

Artificial Intelligence Human Resources

Human resources has seen a drastic change thanks to digital transformation in the IT industry. Artificial Intelligence is slowly growing in the domains which were initially completely driven by humans and this will help organizations reshape the ways in which they manage their workplace.

AI has the ability to take HR experience to a higher level and it is likely to transform HR operations completely. Some of the ways in which AI can help us in human resources are discussed here.

Recruitment: AI can help remove monotonous work from the recruiter’s schedule. AI based recruitment software can attract talent and can also evaluate applicants based on the job profile. Basically the first level of screening can be taken care of by AI driven software and it will drastically reduce the time recruiters spend on this operation so that they can spend more time on evaluating the right candidate.

Onboarding: This is one of the most important steps in the entire cycle of Talent Acquisition. The new employee joining an organization requires a lot of attention till he/she gets familiar with the environment, however it is impossible for the HR to dedicate so much time to each of them. Artificial Intelligence can help customize onboarding process and will also give personalized experience to the new team members joining.

Learning and Development: Technologies are changing at a very rapid pace and it’s very crucial for employees to keep their skills and capabilities up to the mark in order to cope with the changing environment. Artificial Intelligence can help in identifying these gaps and based on that AI can plan and organize training programs for the employees. E-courses, Digital classrooms are the best solutions for this. AI will aid organizations to take a more systematic approach for employee training.

Career guide: AI based tools will help an individual understand changes within the organization and will also help employees to take up the role which is most suitable for his/her skills.

Retention: AI platforms can be used to analyze needs of the employees and can be used to keep track of employees who might be dissatisfied and are looking to leave the organization. This will help HR to plan retention strategies

Artificial intelligence is on the verge of entering in each and every industry. By using AI, HR can create wonderful employee experiences and can monitor employees more efficiently.

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