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Company culture and growth

Sakshi Koul Apr 03, 2018

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For success of any business or organization, its team and work culture play a very important role. Company culture is the fundamental step for success of the business. Expanding business creates greater opportunities, not just for the company but for the team as well. A strong sense of belongingness and clear vision has a great influence on attitude of employees of the organization and that will ultimately help in client satisfaction.

One of the biggest problems that business/organizations face is the maintenance of company culture during the growth phase. As companies grow, there are multiple levels of leadership and that creates a gap between employees and original source of company culture- its founders. This time is crucial and where HR has a vital role to play. HR needs to maintain a proper communication and also establish proper plan of action. 

I would like to share ideas to maintain strong company culture during growth. 

Hire the right people
To preserve our company culture, we need to hire carefully. We need to make sure that the person we are hiring is completely fit for the organization and has a long term vision towards the organization. Personal interviews should be conducted vigorously in which team approach should be incorporated. 

Speak about Company Values
Company values are like traditions that set your organization apart from the competitor. During the hiring process, HR should speak about the company culture and values, which also helps candidates to make their decision. During the induction of a new candidate, clear expectations should be set so that the new member will understand the culture and values from the get-go.

It is important to reiterate values constantly and also highlight the people who live upto them.

Clear and Open communication
Weekly checkins should be initiated with employees rather than annual reviews. Always take feedback from the employees. Even brain storming sessions should be arranged with each project team rather thab only with the project manager. 

Though this process is time-consuming it gives positive energy to the employees and they feel valued.

Recognize employee achievements and contributions
Growth is one of the most exciting and important phases in acompany’s life, however we should make sure that our excitement does not result in failure to invest in core values of the company, which are the backbone for the success of the business.

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