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Mobile technology advancing government organizations

Nidhi Thakkar Nov 26, 2016

Mobile technology for government benefits of mobile technology

The world is going mobile! It is now the reality that most population in the world is using mobile devices and it has become one of the primary way of living. However, even government organizations who have not yet adopted mobile technology can now leverage it, owing to the benefits and opportunities offered by digitization. For government, mobile technology can simplify time taking procedures and processes, help in bridging the gap with common population and importantly allow them to deliver efficient services to citizens 

Although, most of the government organizations are already considering mobile technology as an asset and are strategizing their methods accordingly. They are actively streamlining their processes, setting priorities by defining standards and security protocols. Government organizations are also taking a keen interest in application development by refining the user experience and adding effective content to the application.  

Below is a detailed explanation on how mobile technology can elevate the success of government organizations.

  • Narrowing the technology gap - Most of the population in the world is low-income and do not have suitable technology access. In contradiction, higher class population could easily afford computing devices with a better technology access. However, with proliferation of mobile devices lower-income population is able to access technology, as the smartphone is considered the only computing device. Hence, government organizations can leverage mobile devices to reach to lower-income group by minimizing the technological gap.  
  • Gain trust and improve relationship with common citizens Standing in a queue could be a frustrating for common citizens just for the sake of checking account status or resolving queries. However, this situation can drag the relationship of government employee and commoner downhill resulting in constant bickering. To avoid these circumstances, government organizations can provide all facilities online right from applying for a particular service to checking account status. Additional features like GPS tracking, scanners and cameras can also be provided to support location based services. This can minimize queue crowds at the government locations resulting into a delightful and trustworthy relationship. 
  • Access to real-time data - Mobile technology can enable government organization to access real-time data. The collected data can allow them to share insights with their peers by maintaining the security protocol. Gathered actionable information can also allow the government to strategize their decisions and act wisely. 
  • Improved productivity of the employees Mobile technology can allow government employees based at fields to improve their services. It can enable them to click pictures at sites, share information on the go through video calls and access critical information required at the time of site visit.  

Mobile technology is a boon to government organizations. However, to leverage its complete benefits, government must know how these technologies execute and should prioritize strategies based on the impact it will do to common population. If implementation is carried cautiously then mobility can provide numerous benefits to government organizations.

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