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Importance for Employee Appreciation

Sakshi Koul Dec 15, 2017

employee appreciation employee recognition

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Employee recognition is informal or formal way to acknowledge hard work and activities of an individual and teams within an organization. It is important to reward employees for a good job done. Employee recognition is directly proportional to employee satisfaction and satisfied employees do a better job and even chances of employee leaving an organization are minimized. When employees and their work are appreciated, their satisfaction and productivity level goes up, and they are motivated to improve their good work.

Recognition creates an emotional connect between the employees and the organization. It makes employee feel appreciated and cultivates a feeling of being one. Some of the ideas which can be used for employee appreciation are:

  • Recognition should be visible: Organization’s should recognize and appreciate team members using social media platform and even publishing it on company website.
  • Mangers should ask team members how they want to be appreciated. This exercise would be more fun filled.
  • Organizations should start employee of the month rewards along with identifying Best Team of the month/ Quarter. This will definitely boost up the confidence level of the team members as everyone would like to participate in this race. These programs should be aligned with company’s values and goals.
  • Organizations should make a habit of appreciating at the same time as of when something good is done.
  • Hall of fame should be created for appreciating team members.
  • Send thank you note for a good job done.
  • Arrange for a surprise treat for best team.
There are n number of ways in which team members can be recognized and appreciated. To sum up this, presenting appreciation for an employee's valuable contributions is a great way to boost morale. Employee morale is important and backbone for organization operations. With low morale every phase of employee contribution will suffer and on the other hand high morale boosts up higher productivity and satisfaction.

Appreciation is a fundamental human need so start appreciating!

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