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Appreciation increases the productivity of organization

Jyoti Singh Apr 03, 2017

employee management employee appreciation

To empower an organization, you have to empower its people, and thus every superior should take it into consideration to talk and evaluate the performances of team members working for them.

Appreciation at work place nurtures well-being of the team members and success directly, as well as indirectly, through building and maintaining social bonds, encouraging helping, and building trust. Moreover it is motivating and inspiring to do your work more productively.

It should be timely focused and initiated, as when you appreciate your people it leads to many more creative ideas. Furthermore, a person will try to perform his duties on or before time leading to achieve profit goals of the organization.

Appreciation helps team members feel valued, releasing their central motivation and desire to excel and to help others, including customers, supervisors, or peers when it is timely done. This is said to be good for them and for the organization, and this also helps team member feel connected to the organization.

It is universally accepted that when people are well treated and appreciated they tend to be happier and that leads to more productivity.

So for every organization it is significant to initiate some kind of activities where their team members are appreciated and honored for the work they have delivered. This practice somewhere helps the company to reach the goals.

At the end, if team members are working cheerfully they are nothing less than to be considered as “FIXED ASSESTS” for the organization.

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