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Hire the attitude, Train the skills

Jyoti Singh Nov 01, 2016

HR skills Human Resource

Yes, it is very well said that - You can’t build a successful company without great people. Now the question arises is - How do we categories or understand these great or productive talent (people)?

If we talk about today’s hiring methods it goes like we hire or consider those people who have the skill or ready to build that skill we are looking for our organization. However, are the methods accurate enough to identify and seek the right talent in?

The answer is irrelevant here because we should not hire for skills in first place. Instead we should be looking for right attitude towards the job to be performed. An attitude can be defined as genuineness - a sense of what it takes to be one of us.”

Hiring mistake is to find someone with the right skills but the wrong mind-set. Because a theory that ‘we can change them’ often goes without a proof. Team members should be hired to fit the characteristics of an organization, not just the requirements of a particular job. The ultimate employee is someone whose devotion to customer and company amounts to “a sense of mission, a sense that ‘the cause’ comes before his or her own needs.”

How do you know that these are your valuable prospective team members when you see them? It’s simple: when you are interviewing them look one step beyond their technological fit and try to find out who they are and what their constituent is. Hiring should not be about finding people with the right experience. It is about finding people with the right mind-set. 

So I believe that companies should hire for attitude and train for skill.

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